Introduction to Doulu

Han Tianheng was born in Shanghai in 1940, native of Suzhou, Jiangsu, literary name Doulu, Jinmozhe, and Weixian. His alternative signatures include Baile Study, Weixian Cottage, and A Room with Three Hundred Furong Stones. He excels at calligraphy, Chinese painting, stone carving, art theories and art appreciation. With his artworks characterized by his distinctive artistic style of power and refinement, exquisite purity and magnificent variety, Han Tianheng is known as a profound and insightful contemporary Master of Chinese art. His works have won the Minister of Education and Culture Award in Japan, and Literature and Art Award in Shanghai. In 2010 he was ranked as one of the ?Top 10 Calligraphers in China of 2009? by professional media; and according to the survey held by 571 professional organizations at home and abroad at the 35th anniversary of Calligraphy Studies magazine, he was appraised as ?the most respected seal engraver? and ?the most outstanding seal engraver over the last 35 years?. He has held several solo calligraphy, painting and seal carving exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macaw, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Germany. His works are collected by the British Museum, and other museums and galleries both at home and abroad.

He has published over 80 works such as Chinese Seal Dictionary (chief editor), The Collection of Han Tianheng?s Paintings, The Selected Works of Han Tianheng?s Calligraphy, Painting and Seal Carving, The Collection of Han Tianheng?s Seal Carving, Tianheng and His Seal Carving Art, and TianHeng?s Thoughts on Art. Among all the publications The Chronology of Chinese Seal Studies won the third prize in the 1st Chinese Dictionaries Appraisal, and Notes on Three Hundred Seal Carving Works won the ?Lanting Award? graned by the Central Propaganda Department. His Chinese Seal Carving Art has been translated into Japanese and reprinted many times. In 2001 he was appointed to create name seals for the leaders from twenty countries and regions attending the APEC meeting, which the then-President Jiang Zemin presented to the leaders as the national gifts.

Han Tianheng holds the office of President of Academy of Chinese Seal Engraving Art affiliated to China Academy of Art, Consultant of Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy (former vice-director), National First-Class Artist, Deputy Director of Seal Carving Art Council affiliated to Chinese Calligraphers Association, Chief Advisor of Shanghai Calligraphers Association, Vice President of Xiling Society of Seal Arts, President of Shanghai Wu Changshuo Art Research Association, Curator of Shanghai Wu Changshuo Memorial Museum, Curator of China Stone Museum, Professor of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Wenzhou Normal University. The State Council awards him the special allowance for experts with outstanding contributions.

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