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Han Tianheng, literary name Doulu, Jinmozhe, and Weixian, was born in May, 1940 in Shanghai. Suzhou, Jiangsu Province is his Native Place. He excels at Chinese flower-and-bird painting, calligraphy and seal carving. His artworks have won the Minister of Education and Culture Award in Japan, and Literature and Art Award in Shanghai.

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“味闲讲堂”是韩天衡美术馆举办的公益性艺术讲堂。以普及高端文化知识为立足点,围绕中国艺术中的创作、品评、欣赏、理论教育等内容,选题集专业性和通识化于一体。邀请各领域内权威专家、学者论述观点、畅谈东西。 “味闲讲堂”于每月第1周的星期六下午举办。活动详情见韩美网站(或大厅宣传栏。


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